Foreclosure Registration

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On September 16, 2010 the City of Palm Bay enacted Ordinance No. 2001-44 amending the code of ordinances regulating the maintenance of abandoned foreclosed residential properties within the city limits of Palm Bay, Florida.

The Ordinance requires A MORTGAGEE to register any residential property of which THE MORTGAGEE has initiated the foreclosure process upon and which is abandoned with the Police Department’s Code Compliance Division. THE MORTGAGEE should consult ordinance for the definitions of “abandoned” and “initiation of the foreclosure process” for further clarification.

This registration requires a annual fee of $100 and requires A MORTGAGEE to provide the following information:

  • Owner or Agents phone number and mailing address within the State (If a PO Box is mailing address, it must be accompanied by a physical address)
  • Certify that the property has been inspected
  • Designate and retain a local individual or local property management company responsible for the security and maintenance of the property. “Local” is defined as within twenty (20) driving miles of the property. This designation must state the individual or company name, phone number, and local address (PO Box is not acceptable)

An annual registration fee, as established by resolution of the City Council, must accompany the registration form. Subsequent annual registrations and fees are due within thirty (30) days of the expiration of the previous registration and must certify whether the foreclosure and/or foreclosed property remains vacant or not. Registration form for Abandoned Residential Property.

If you have any questions, please contact the Code Compliance Office at (321) 952-3430 or by email.