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Forms and Applications

You may access the residential and commercial service applications by clicking on the respective link below:

Seasonal Customers

Utility customers who will be away for an extended period of time (i.e., seasonal customers, vacation) can suspend their solid waste service for up to six months in a twelve month period and request to have their water service shut-off by filling out the Residential Service Request

If you would like your bills to be mailed to a different address during this suspension of service period, please provide an forwarding address when completing the application form.

The fees for these services are described below.

Water/Sewer accounts wishing to shut-off water service will continue to be charged water and sewer base charges during this period.  The temporary shut-off of water service helps to safeguard the home in case a leak occurs while the customer is away.

There is an administrative fee per trip for our staff to shut-off/turn on your water service.  This amount will be charged to initially shut-off the water while you are away and it will also be charged when the water is turned-on upon your return. To avoid such fees, some customers prefer to shut-off the water to their home by using their house valve instead.

Rates & Charges

The City of Palm Bay's Utilities Department has been established as an enterprise fund.  As such, the Utility does not receive any funding from property tax dollars, rather the Utility operates solely from the revenues received from services provided to its customers.  As an Enterprise Fund, the Utility should have revenues equal to the costs of the services provided by the Utility, and establish rates sufficient to cover the cost of operating, maintaining, repairing, and financing the Utility's water and sewer systems.

As part of the budgetary process, the City annually reviews the financial position of the Utilities Department.  In addition, a formal rate study is conducted every five years or as warranted to determine if rates should be adjusted.

Rates are adjusted annually on October 1st.

No free service shall be provided to any customer.