Public Records

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Public records requests shall be made through the Office of the City Clerk.   If the records being requested are extensive, voluminous, or complex, it is helpful to send a written request.

If public records request is for:

Readily Available Records

    • easily retrievable
    • regularly disseminated to the public
    • do not require additional review in order to determine whether they contain exempt information, and
    • take less than thirty (30) minutes to locate, retrieve, copy, and refile.

Any record custodian who receives a public records request for this type of record should comply as soon as practicable.  Fees for copies shall be charged as indicated in Section G in the Policy.

All Other Records

All other requests received by City personnel from the public for the inspection or copies of City records shall be directed to the Office of the City Clerk, regardless of the medium used for submission of the request, i.e., verbal, phone, e-mail, written, etc.,   

Except for records maintained by:

    • Risk Management Division - (321) 726-2753
      (Pamela Torres-Spivey)

    • Building Division - (321) 726-5642
      (Joy Barnett)

    • Police Department (excludes Code Compliance) - (321) 952-3461 or email
      (Rachel Kunerth) 

    • GIS Division - (321) 952-3410 ext. 7394
      (Adam Beard)

    • Fire Department - (321) 409-6381
    • City Attorney's Office - (321) 409-7185
      (Patricia Smith)

Requests for records maintained by any of the departments/divisions listed above should be directed to the named custodian.

Upon receipt of a public records request, the Office of the City Clerk shall contact those departments/personnel in which the requested records may be maintained and the request processed according to Policy. 

Should you have any further questions with regard to public records requests, please contact the Office of the City Clerk at (321) 952-3414. 

Chapter 119, Florida Statutes, is Florida’s Public Records Law. 

The U.S. Freedom of Information Act is a law ensuring public access to U.S. (Federal) government records.